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Women entrepreneurs india making bigger imapct on society

Gone are the days, when the society used to look up to only men as one of the leading industry personas. In the modern era, Women are breaking the clichéd roles of housekeeping and discovering new domains. From Tech, Auto, Fintech to lifestyle and health verticals, women entrepreneurs in India have done wonders in their respective ventures. We can proudly say that women entrepreneurship is not an obscure concept any longer with everyone working towards an economic setup where women entrepreneurs are completely empowered. The number of female founders shining in India will only rise, and with the country taking pride in the feat achieved by women.

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is basically a person who takes financial risks to set up a business in a particular field with the hope of making it a success. An entrepreneur is responsible for conceptualizing, launching and  running the business, which generally starts on a small scale. Entrepreneurs usually have the ability to translate inventions or technologies into products or services.

Women entrepreneurship

When a woman, or a group of women initiate, organize or run  a business or an organization, it is called as women entrepreneurship. Currently,  women entrepreneurship constitutes approximately one third  of all the entrepreneurs in the world. The number of self-employed women has steadily increased over the past three decades. Women entrepreneurship is generally successful  for women have a great ability to multi-task and do not fear being self-employed.


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Technology required for StartUps to have a Lead

The world has gone when any Idea with general use of technologies would have worked. The world need startups who can change the way life being lived, who bring the right  mixture of different technologies and innovation to provide solutions to many problems and inefficieny in the living. 

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